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Whens Best To Transfer University

As soon as you start to realise that you wish to transfer university then its best to start putting things into motion straight away. It is very important from the start though to ensure you are making this decision for the right reasons.

If after talking with tutors and / or parents and you now know where you would like to be going and studying then I would advise taking the steps as set out in our guide straight away.

The longer you leave things the less likely you are to be accepted. As with most things in life, everything takes a little longer than expected. Waiting to hear back from the admissions office, getting your references in place and writing that dreaded personal statement – these things all take time.

Whenever you are actually looking to transfer university whether it is as soon as possible or after your first or even second year its good to get everything in place and to know what needs to be done.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our guide now.