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Step 5: Student Finance

An important factor to remember is to inform student finance about your change of circumstances. The university you are transferring to needs to consent to your transfer and inform your student finance. Dependent on your particular situation you may need to begin a new application for finance, which may involve submitting all of your financial information again.

When changing university you should still be entitled to funding but the amounts may need to be reassessed. Direct transfers (for example from the 1st year into the 2nd year) will have the least impact on your future funding. If you have to repeat some of your course or the duration is different to what you have currently been studying then this can reduce your entitlement.

If you receive any kind of maintenance loan then this is generally not affected.

It’s not a bad idea to give student finance a call just to discuss what you are planning and see what they recommend. You should also be able to contact someone within your student union or there will be a contact within the university that will be able to advise.

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