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Step 2: Initial Correspondence

Before you begin any formal applications, you should contact the universities you are interested in applying to to enquire whether or not they will consider your application.

There are numerous factors that may mean you cannot proceed any further with your transfer application so its best to find out straight away and without wasting to much time. Some universities may not accept transfer applicants or the course your applying for may already be full.

The best approach is to email the admissions office (ideally a department specific one) providing as much information as possible. I would recommend including the below details:

- Your name and current university course
- Where you at currently studying
- The course you are interested in transferring to
- Your academic history, normally A levels or equivalent and the grades you achieved
- Official module names, codes and descriptions for each module you are studying that year and any grades you may have already achieved

You want to give the best possible impression from the outset and by including all of the above information, it shows that you have done some research and gives a good impression.

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